Content marketing is often most attractive at the top of the funnel, but the middle is where the sole of the shoe meets the pavement. Everyone loves colorful infographics and engaging video clips, but mid funnel content creation takes a deeper understanding of what compels buyers. Content marketing allows brands to delve deep into the concepts of ‘pain’ and ‘trust’ and explore how, by knowing our consumer/user psyche more deeply, we can meet the needs of the prospect with mid-funnel content that propels them into the sales cycle. In my humble opinion content marketing is an essential part of getting the most impact in the Middle-Funnel.

Choice is the act of hesitation that a consumer/user makes before making a decision. It is a mental wobbling of sorts. So the consumer/user is always in a dither of doubt as to whether or not they are doing the right thing and making the most well informed decision.

Does the consumer/user have confidence in the brand offering the product or service under consideration?

If a consumer/user lacks confidence in your brand; then your team must have made multiple mistakes handling the consumer journey through sheer fumbling of the middle funnel.

Think of your brand as a cloud for a moment. Have you ever seen a cloud make a mistake? No it changes form yet still maintains its identity. Content marketing in the middle funnel is like that ever shifting cloud. The creative used, the audience targeted, the timing and delivery methods will change over time but your message should remain clear and consistent to match the stage where your audience is at in their consumer/user journey.

The optimization of the creative is also essential to pay close attention to for a successful content distribution campaign. The message of the creative should shift depending on the stage where the consumer user is in their discovery process. By measuring consumer/user response and engagement to the ads elements like the image, tagline and descriptions used and optimizing those elements in real-time we can insure your brand stays on message and your budget is not wasted by serving up an ineffective creative with low CTR and engagement.

When a brand feeds the consumer/user journey via a series of relevant articles, product demos, white papers or videos that best illuminate how this product or service can impact the consumer/users life or career in a positive way we can push the consumer/user down the funnel and increase consumer/user confidence through education.

The creative engagement tracking helps to predict where the consumer conversation surrounding your brand stands and how to best direct it going forward to nurture the consumer/user down to the lower funnel towards a conversion.

You must also keep careful track of the dialog occurring in social media since it is a reflection of the perception of your brand in real-time. We must also learn and discover the many ways users/consumers approach search to find information pertaining to the problem solved by your service or product. By keeping track of what keywords users/consumers are using will help shed light on some of the content that your brand needs to create to satiate that search query and move the consumer/user along by providing educational materials to support the discovery process and ultimately build up consumer confidence in your brand.

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