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NinthDecimal is a location-data platform used to analyze users’ real-world interactions and shopping habits to action through targeting and measurement.
Semcasting is an IP address targeting solution that incorporates online and offline data to segment and create audiences.
MobileWalla is a data provider that specializes in directly addressable device IDs in the mobile space, creating segments that comprise behavioral, demographic and affinity attributes.
TermScout compiles and filters data around prospective customers by vertical, setting up salespeople for increased lead generation.
LotVantage allows car dealerships to market their inventory across social media, Craigslist, Ebay and more, all from one convenient platform.
Zipline is a third-party DMP filled with robust third party data, has the ability to create first party retargeting audiences and stack data elements for weighted data CPMs.
Factual is a self-serve platform and a leader in the location-data space, known for their real-time in-app geofencing and historical location-based audience segments.
PushSpring is a unique digital solution that allows marketers to target users based upon the apps downloaded on their mobile devices.
AnalyticsIQ creates the ability to perform user data-completes, based on the ingestion of single point identifiers such as cookie ID, device ID, or email address. The outputs are deterministic, cross-channel audience segments.
Nativo is a native inventory partner that allows for the use of ad units that “blend” into the design and feel of a publisher’s site, driving higher engagement rates.
Sharethrough is a leader in the native advertising space that in addition to engaging ad units, also guarantees 100% viewability on its placements across premium publishers.
Inc. Magazine is one of the fastest growing internet properties, focused around businesses and the people who make them work.
GumGum provides unique ad units that hug the bottom of a page, or fit neatly along the bottom of video players and photos.
Teads is an ‘outstream video partner,’ placing click-for-sound video units between paragraph breaks and providing additional scale in the video advertising ecosystem.
MatchMediaGroup provides valuable advertising opportunities across popular dating apps such as Match, OkCupid and Tinder.
LiveIntent is a unique inventory source that allows marketers to purchase ad space programmatically through email newsletters.
ESPN is America’s go-to source for all thing sports-related.
AARP is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Americans as they age.
The New York Times is the most-widely circulated newspaper in the world, covering a range of events from national politics to arts and dining.
Unruly is an outstream video partner that provides access to non-traditional video players with scale in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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We provide turnkey campaigns across a wide range of DSPs, including The Trade Desk and GDN in the U.S., Canada, and Internationally. Our internal team of traders helps curate campaigns that provide clear strategy and complete transparency for our white label agencies and in-house brand teams. We provide complete services that ensure fraud-free delivery and access to gold standard private-marketplace deal I.D.s across 100+ of the top tier publishers in the world. Some providers build campaigns simply to spend as fast as possible or to drive the lowest CPM. Because we provide up front service pricing, our clients can be sure  we are focused on lead modeling and achieving the strongest campaign metrics available.


Our Data Science team, based in New York City, is tasked with one thing – helping to develop the internal attribution modeling todays brands need! With a focus on following the consumer journey pre-, during-, and post- client engagement, they can ensure clients are provided the right touch points, data partnerships and content around todays “consumer first” media environment. They focus on making certain that our clients have access to the latest in data delivery and accountability methods to increase a brands ability to grow their business, while cutting out much of the waste that has crept into the programmatic and digital media spaces.  

We offer best-in-class site tag management, from custom audience insight pixels to fully integrated system tags. Our team offers clients the ability to track across each consumer touch point, allowing them to map their journey through the various sales channels. This often includes both B2C and B2B opportunities. We fully integrate creative tagging partnerships such as Double Click and offer UTM management for client campaigns. We offer various reporting stacks that can integrate into a single client report or campaign dashboard for easy evaluation.